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(IMS, Electric, Acupotomy)

Most commonly used to treat pain, balance the flow of energy or life force, and stimulate nerves, muscles, and connective tissue this stimulation boosts your body's natural painkillers

ICT(Interferential Therapy)

Exposure to currents of low frequencies, which themselves arise in deep tissues due to the interference of currents of the medium frequency supplied by two pairs of independent electrodes.

Indications for the use of interferential therapy serve pain in the back, osteochondrosis, sciatica, sciatica, arthritis of large joints, and diseases of the internal organs.


Put Special cups on the skin to create suction for many purposes, including help with pain, inflammation, Improving blood flow, relaxation, well-being and deep tissue massage. 

Interferential therapy


Put pressure on certain places and it is called acupoints. Pressing these acupoints can help your muscles relax and improve your blood flow for pain relief, headache, etc.

Tui Na goes beyond the muscles, bones, and joints to work with the body for balance on a deeper, energetic level


Acupressure and Tuina
Herbal Medicine

Direct Billing



Extended Health Benefits

Travel insurance,

International Student Insurance

BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)

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